Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Friday, March 21, 2014

Lucky Penny

I think I would probably blog more if I felt it was necessary.
The only thing I'm really interested and passionate about sharing on this blog is photos, and I do that on instagram about a thousand times a millisecond. Okay, not really, but almost.
So whatever void in me that blogging may have ever filled is already being taken up by instagram.
And I feel like posting iPhone photos on here is just kinda pathetic.. (But my Nikon batteries died after about 3 seconds today so I'm posting a couple iPhone pics on this post too)

I've also considered using this blog to post my film photos.. but somehow I always have this weird inexplicable need to "save them" for something special.. does anyone else do that with stuff? It's hard not to, even though I know it's not necessary. But now that Merriment's album cover and booklet is all done I guess that was the only real reservation I had for any film photos I liked of mine, and we only used one of them for one of the inside panels. So perhaps I'll post more of them on here soon.

But anyway, my point is that two things inspired me to take photos and actually blog today and that was A Beautiful Mess's new photoshop actions I had on my computer just waiting to be used, and some new boots!

And okay, okay, my new thrifted granny dress may have had something to do with it too.

I'd been wanting these "Lucky Penny" boots from Seychelles ever since I first saw them on someone's instagram last year, and after a few months of "Dang it, I really want those.." "No way, you don't need them!" "But they are everything I've ever wanted in a boot!" "But they're expensive, and you don't need them.." conversations with myself, I finally found them online for half the price! Thus finding the perfect way to justify it in my head, that and my birthday is in a couple months, so, psh, I practically deserved them. (Kidding.)

But in all seriousness, these boots were worth every penny to me!
I am obsessed with shiny shoes, and these are the perfect height and they just sang out to me!

"Oh hello, boots. Wanna be friends? Like forever? Okay, good. Me too."

Being a very thrifty gal by nature, it's always hard for me to actually spend more than $25 bucks on any one item of clothing, but I'm glad I talked myself into buying these. 
They are the kind of boots I would have slept in when I was a kid because I loved them too much to take them off. 
Thankfully I have gained some common sense over the years and can bear to take these off at night, but I wouldn't put it too far past me.