Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Sunday, August 30, 2015


How often are my prayers begging God to do something or to change something or to give me clearer direction or a certain issue? Always pleading and half believing. Don't I have faith? Don't I know my prayers are heard and indeed are being answered and have already been answered? God's answers to our prayers oftentimes come to us in a form comparable to a glacier. We're desperate for God to move and we want answers immediately. But what happens is that after a while, maybe even years, we look back and find that our circumstances have changed. Our prayers answered. The glaciers have shifted. The ice melts. The ice thickens. The form changes. And it's only evident now after the years have passed and we have the eyes of experience to compare the two. Keep pressing into The Lord for answers. Continue to lay your requests before him day after day. But know that he is already at work. He has his magnificent plan and nothing will stop him bringing it about. It just might be a slow moving process. One that you can't see with your own eyes just yet. One that builds character. One that melts away bad character. One that evolves slowly over the course of God's hours and days, not our own fast paced schedules. Let us have patience and ask God to give us faith and to help our half hearted belief. To help us see evidence of his hand at work, but even when we can't see it, let us thank him for it. Knowing that he is constantly working on our behalf, no matter what our circumstances may show us.