Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Thursday, May 3, 2012

An account of sweets.

It's like.. if you have a cupcake that was left over from your birthday, and then directly after that you eat a cookie..... given that a few solid hours have gone by, are you allowed to eat a delicious macaroon that your sister sent you for your birthday? Even if it's not your birthday anymore?

Just looking for some answers... hoping to find them soon.. preferably within the next 3 minutes because that's about as long as it's gonna take me to get up, walk across my room, and open the box of macaroons.

A few minutes later...

Pink one = GONE.

If you ever find yourself in New Orleans, be sure and go to Sucré sweet boutique. They have the absolute best Macaroons.



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

French Fries.

So a while back I wrote a song in french, just as an experiment and because I think the language is really beautiful and thought it would sound pretty as a sort of lullaby.

I don't speak french well at all, I only know a few things that I've picked up from listening to language tapes and the internet and stuff. But I want to speak it fluently someday.. (Yeah, right, like that'll ever happen..)

Here is a video of the song, although I'm not sure who's youtube account that is or who posted it haha.



Thursday, April 12, 2012

A little boredom goes a long way.

So since I've been home from tour I've had a lot of free willy time on my hands.
Only instead of using it to save whales, I have just been chillin' hard:

Watching Gossip Girl (ugh, barf, I know, yet it's hard to quit), making cake pops, and taking lots of photos because for one, I am addicted to Instagram and that always has me taking photos and editing them on my iPhone, but also I have been trying to force myself to use my NikonD50 and Photoshop more often. Because I am extremely blessed to have a Nikon at all, since it was given to me :)

Here is the result of today's particularly convoluted boredom.

My boyfriend said "You look scary in the moon picture" when I showed it to him,
and I said it was supposed to look scary, and then admitted to it actually having hurt my feelings a little.
He apologized, but really we all know I was just being overly sensitive.

By the way, I should mention the reason for my boredom is that I usually have like 9000 siblings to hangout with all the time, but the majority of them are on tour right now either with their own bands or tagging along with their husbands bands. And I being 1 of 6 children, am just not used to hangin' solo!

Which leaves me making coffee at home a lot of the time and pondering the complexities of boredom gone mad.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Blessed Soul (Lyrics)

Hi! So a lot of people have been asking me to post the lyrics to our new EP "Through the Rough" somewhere, so I figured the best place to share them would be on my blog.

I'll just do one song for now, so here are the lyrics to "Blessed Soul"

Blessed Soul
Indeed I am a blessed soul, I'm captive in this human role
I wear inside my ribcage den, a heart so fine I'll let you in
Just knock once more upon the door, the wood is dense but this makes sense
Cause there beneath the walls of love a chorus echos from above
From above..

And if you choose to let me love you
Our love, our love would reach the sky
No bounds, no bonds, no breaks no ties
Just you, just me, our loves goes free

Of course I know this ancient trick, it's taught me how your heart does tick
Blinded by this revelation, I knew I'd know you till the end
Just knock once more upon the door, the wood is dense but this makes sense
There beneath the walls of love a chorus echos from above
From our love

And if you choose to let me love you
Our love, our love would reach the sky
No bounds, no bonds, no breaks no trials
Just you, just me, our love goes free

And if you choose to let me love you
If you choose to stay a little while
And if you choose to let me love you
(I know I'll never see you cry)
Our love, our love would reach the sky
(And babe we'll make it to the end)
No bounds, no bonds, no breaks no ties
Just you, just me, our love goes free

If you are reading this and haven't heard the song, but want to, our EP is up on iTunes! Click here to preview/buy!

Love, Christie

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi everyone!
So... some of you might already know that I write music and play in a band with my brother, Collin.

For the past few years we have been playing shows together under the name Christie DuPree - my name - and I guess everyone just considers me a me a solo artist with a backup guitar player but in reality I have never actually thought of myself that way.

As soon as Collin began playing with me I felt playing shows under my name felt sort of weird and unfair. I didn't like the whole – "It's all about me" notion. Collin is just as valid a piece to the puzzle. About the time we were finishing up the EP, it occurred to me that if we didn't change our name now, we never would. But what name?

So, I was sitting in my room a few weeks ago and all of the sudden I thought of the word "Merriment". Something just sort of clicked in my brain; I felt we should use the name for our band. It seemed to fit the feel of our music and… I just liked it.

The next minute I walked into Collin's room (across the hall) and asked him what he thought of the name. He really didn't even have to think. He said, "I like it!"... and the rest is history!

We'll be launching our new site and new EP on March 6th on iTunes and will have hard copies with us at the merch table on the road. COME SEE US ON THIS TOUR!

Also here is a clip from one of the songs on our new EP "Through The Rough"
The song is called "Blessed Soul"


Friday, February 24, 2012

The niceness of others!

I don't know about you guys, but when people do nice things, for no reason, it really just MAKES my day! 

I recently bought a dress from Coury of Fancy Treehouse, and for no reason other than being a complete sweetheart, she sent a few extra dresses along with my order for me and my sisters to share. 
Seriously so nice of her, and I could not be more grateful!

Also recently a photographer/acquaintance/might as well be friend, heck! sent me a package in the mail of some of her art prints, because she had taken photos of me a few months back and we had kept in touch through instagram, etc.. and I mentioned wanting some of her prints and she emailed me right away asking for my address and sent me this wonderful box of goodies! hair bows, prints, other handmade things.. seriously SO sweet. Her name is Bliss Katherine and you can check out her photography here, seriously just spend a few minutes looking at her stuff.. it's absolutely GORGEOUS. You can see some of the photos she took of me in the instant film section and the music section.

And anyway, enough of my rambling, but I just want to encourage you (you, meaning all two of you reading my blog) to do something nice for someone for absolutely no reason. Send someone a package in the mail with something you made- art, a hair clip, some stickers, anything! Just simple things that will cause someone to smile! It's honestly just as much, if not more rewarding for you than the person receiving the gifts. Try it! and just see how happy it makes you.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Outfit Shmoutfit

So I wore this outfit to church today and then out to get pizza with my brothers and sister in law,
 and then pretty much as soon as I got home I put my pajamas back on and took a pretty severe sunday NAP. But I just bought the dress yesterday so I was excited to wear it!

This coat is definitely one of my favorite purchases I made this winter. Icy blue with big black buttons! I stood in the store staring at it for a good 10-15 minutes or so trying to talk myself out of buying it because I already had a coat, but ended up talking myself INTO it because the one I had was old and black and boring. End of story.

I am a sucker for collars and pockets on dresses - like I mentioned in my last post.
And I know collars are like the "IN" thing right now, and following trends is probably unoriginal and uncool, but I seriously LOVE the collar trend and love all the collared dresses everyone is coming out with these days! So cute and I can't seem to get over them. And pockets are simply a necessity! A gal like me in a long distance relationship needs a place to keep her iPhone 24/7 ya hurd??

Plus I love the apple print and colors on this dress :)

Seafoamy mint nails. My favorite color in the world!
(As you can probably tell, because my room is the same color.)

Had to document how perfectly my nail polish matches my purse! haha!

Coat-Wet Seal, Dress-Macy's, Tights-Target, Shoes-F21 <3


Friday, February 17, 2012

Fairy Tales Forever!

So I Just bought this adorrrrrrrrrrable dress from Cory of Fancy Tree House!
I pretty much stalk her blog daily -amongst other online shops- because Tyler, TX has practically the lamest mall in the history of lame malls. Like I'm not kidding, it's worse than a mall that wild armadillo's would create out of cactuses and cow skulls in the desert....... what they would sell at that mall, I have no idea.. probably dried leaves and petrified rocks or something. And the only other place to shop here is Target, which is a serious hit or serious miss most of the time. 

It had me at the collar, but what sold me was the pockets! <3

Can't wait to get this lil' baby in the mail.
Anyway! You should check out her blog if you haven't seen it yet cause it's awesome and always super cute.

Gonna go snack hard on some parmesan crusted tilapia for dinner, then off to see some unknowable Denzel Washington movie with my parents and a few of my siblings because my mom has a crush on him! (hehe)


Saturday, February 11, 2012

So a couple of years ago I bought a pretty Holga camera and we were hot and heavy for a couple of weeks and then the only place in Tyler that would develop the 120 film stopped doing it! Ah! So I had a roll of film sitting in my camera just waiting on my shelf collecting dust for about 2 years.
And then a few months back I met a photographer girl at one of our shows, (She took some promo photos for us like a sweet little lady!) her name is Vicky, and you can check out her photography here. And I mentioned to her about my sad Holga story, and she offered to let me send her the film and get them developed for me because she knew someone who did it! Thank you, Vicky :)

Only a few photos actually turned out but I just love the black and white film with the old movie-esque dreamy vibe that the Holga produces. These just made me so happy that I had to share them!

My sister Sherri, smiling a bit like a deer in the headlights, but still beautiful!

 And again, only this time smiling a little more like a creep with a nasty secret. (hehe)

Our front yard during spring! 

All of the lovely ladies during Sherri's wedding! So happy this one turned out as well as it did :)

A mysterious mess that I believe was a photo of me and my niece, Kayla.

That's all for now.. I need to invest in one of the Holga's that actually takes 35mm film, because Lord knows I'm not smart enough to rig it so that it'll take the 35! haha!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

A short story I wrote when I was a kid.

All these babies were born to be pirates, they set out to sea as men and women, lost for several years. The dragonfly lady found them, and said her name was Smorgus, and that she's the queen of Dancing Oaks. They said "Your Majesty, we've got a sundried captain, could you please, please help us? Because we're wrapped up in skeletons and all our mirrors are broken and we've thrown the treasure overboard to keep from sinking. So could you please bring us some new mirrors so we can reflect the wind again? Without them the wind blows us back. We haven't any other sail. We just have "Mom" tattoos and bandannas and little sword kaniggits. Before we set out to sea the captain put some TNT barrels on board. When we asked him why, he just said that he "needed to fly his kite". Then Smorgus said "Your captain sounds like the echo of a story tale." She knew the pirates were the R.D (the real deal) and said she'd gladly get them mirrors any day. She was gone and back with the mirrors before they could say "Knife Chandaleap". So they sailed on with Smorgus, and finally they reached the verrry fat island called "Etsaa" and found what they needed to cure their sundried captain. It was a mushroom with the shape of a four leaf clover on it. They cured the captain and sailed back home, and they all lived happily, after their naps.
-Me, age 9

Not sure how old I was in this picture.. probably 4 or 5.

Some photos from Christmas

My beautiful sister-in-law, Jessie.

Collin, Me, Sherri and Max

Dummy on the phone

Awkward family photo (Minus Chauntelle, Todd and Kayla who were out of town for Christmas)

I love my family!
Haha I particularly love Weston, Collin, and Max's faces in that last one.

All these photos I believe were shot by Josh Sultan.
Lamely edited by me, without photoshop.. I have yet to install it on my new computer.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tim Walker

If only there were more Tim Walker's in the world.

Such amazing photographs.
If anyone were to ever buy me a really expensive present, I would like this, please.


Photos found here: