Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tremendous Love Video

Here are a few behind the scenes film snaps from the making of our music video for "Tremendous Love"!

It was filmed in Springfield, Mo. and we had so much fun making this video! Even though it was filmed in an empty building with NO air conditioning in the middle of June. We were sweating bullets and my shoes were giving me the most painful blisters! I was limping around in between scenes because my blisters were so bad and we'd have to stand in front of fans in between takes to make sure we weren't dripping with sweat. So gross!
I was so nervous about the outcome of the video because I'm not a dancer at all! But our old family friend Shay (the male dancer in the video) did such a great job at choreographing and teaching me the dances and making them look easy. It was directed by my brother in law Darren King, and filmed by Brandon Goodwin. All SO talented and it was such an honor to work with them.
It turned out exactly how I had hoped and I'm so glad to finally be able to share it with everyone!

Here's the video if you haven't seen it:

And here are some photos from my trusty ol Pentax!

A shot of the two birds starring in our video, which I appropriately named "Ronnie & McJohnny"

Leaning against a cool door, of course.

Darren pacing on the phone. Waited till he was in the center of that window to snap this shot and I'm glad it turned out haha.

Brandon, the camera mastermind and that pretty hallway.

Love all the cool props that Darren borrowed from his friends in Springfield.

Brandon setting up a shot of the birds.

Twirlin. Shay snapped this of me.

Silhouette cause this building was so cool.

Darren setting some things up.

The paper on the floor was something we didn't end up using in the actual video but I love this dreamy light so I'm posting this anyway.