Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Feeling grateful.
Here's some photos I snapped today (digital, not film) on our walk to see my brother and sister in law's new house they just just closed on. They're remodeling, so don't mind the mess!

Sophie in a tangle of loving hands.

Wolfy and those ridiculous brown eyes.

Sophie Marie

Chauntelle, Sophie, Sherri, Jessie and baby Campbell, who she nannies.

Tiny feet.

Sophie always has us laughing!

Pretty old messy floors.

Scarlett and Sophie. 
They literally just sat here like they were posing for me. But when you WANT them to pose for a picture, you can forget about it.

Kayla, being a goof and happened to see me taking her picture,
 so she blessed me with this fancy pose.

The beautiful (x1000) Karsyn. I mean seriously, talk about photogenic this one!

Just some flowers.

Semi candid me, snapped by Sherri. I was walking over in front of the green to take a photo, 
but the posed picture looked silly and I liked this one better.

Scarlett and her big cheesy grin.

Pretty sure Wolf likes his new house, cause he was running around like a crazy boy!

Stacy & Scarlett

Wolf being super animated and yelling about who knows what haha

Wolf and some happy sun flare accidents.

And Wolfy leading the pack, obviously.

Hope you all enjoyed your Tuesday as much as I did.


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  1. Beautiful photos Christie. You are such an amazingly talented person!