Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


January finds me with an overwhelmingly thankful heart.
I'm not a planner, or a scheduler, or a list maker. I have dreams in my heart and I know what things are stirring in me and what I feel like God is drawing me to, and for some people that isn't enough. But for me it's everything. Some people needs goals and charts to make sense of it all in order that they can more clearly and accurately see things come to pass. But for me, to feel connected to God in my heart and know that he is planting dreams and leading me onward is just the most significant blessing in my life. I'm a follower by nature and doing my best every day to follow Jesus.
It's not easy, and sometimes can feel like you're feeling your way through a heavy fog on uncharted paths. But the Lord is always near and he never leaves us stumbling around for too long before he makes it clear that we're on the right path. And if we somehow find ourselves on the wrong one, he doesn't leave us there alone and he takes such joy in leading us back to himself and his plan for our lives.

So this is my new year post. It's not a list of goals and resolutions and hope-to-do-betters.
It's just me being thankful. And content. Because God has me in his hands and I know that whatever he has in store for me this year is ultimately for my good and for his glory.


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