Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fairy Tales Forever!

So I Just bought this adorrrrrrrrrrable dress from Cory of Fancy Tree House!
I pretty much stalk her blog daily -amongst other online shops- because Tyler, TX has practically the lamest mall in the history of lame malls. Like I'm not kidding, it's worse than a mall that wild armadillo's would create out of cactuses and cow skulls in the desert....... what they would sell at that mall, I have no idea.. probably dried leaves and petrified rocks or something. And the only other place to shop here is Target, which is a serious hit or serious miss most of the time. 

It had me at the collar, but what sold me was the pockets! <3

Can't wait to get this lil' baby in the mail.
Anyway! You should check out her blog if you haven't seen it yet cause it's awesome and always super cute.

Gonna go snack hard on some parmesan crusted tilapia for dinner, then off to see some unknowable Denzel Washington movie with my parents and a few of my siblings because my mom has a crush on him! (hehe)



  1. this is hilarious...i went to buy this last night...and now i see it's you who has stolen it's glory from me. at least i get to admire it on you.

    1. Ahh!! that's sad and funny. But mostly sad and I feel bad for you. But not bad enough... hee hee...

  2. That's a score there, Christie! love the embroidered details on the collar and pockets.


    It hurts me with it's loveliness.