Christie DuPree

Christie DuPree

Saturday, February 11, 2012

So a couple of years ago I bought a pretty Holga camera and we were hot and heavy for a couple of weeks and then the only place in Tyler that would develop the 120 film stopped doing it! Ah! So I had a roll of film sitting in my camera just waiting on my shelf collecting dust for about 2 years.
And then a few months back I met a photographer girl at one of our shows, (She took some promo photos for us like a sweet little lady!) her name is Vicky, and you can check out her photography here. And I mentioned to her about my sad Holga story, and she offered to let me send her the film and get them developed for me because she knew someone who did it! Thank you, Vicky :)

Only a few photos actually turned out but I just love the black and white film with the old movie-esque dreamy vibe that the Holga produces. These just made me so happy that I had to share them!

My sister Sherri, smiling a bit like a deer in the headlights, but still beautiful!

 And again, only this time smiling a little more like a creep with a nasty secret. (hehe)

Our front yard during spring! 

All of the lovely ladies during Sherri's wedding! So happy this one turned out as well as it did :)

A mysterious mess that I believe was a photo of me and my niece, Kayla.

That's all for now.. I need to invest in one of the Holga's that actually takes 35mm film, because Lord knows I'm not smart enough to rig it so that it'll take the 35! haha!



  1. Beautiful! ^_^ I bet you could find some online places that you can send your film to and they'll develop! I'd look into that. I used to do that all the time as a kid because I didn't have a ride to the developing places (not online, just over the mail.)

  2. aww i love the one of sherri and her ladies

  3. love this a lot. the captions for Sherri's photos made me laugh. :)

  4. qurl, we have a 35mm holga adapter around here somewhere... i'm sure you can have it when you come to nashville, next month! (i've only ever used my holga once. back in november '08 or something. hahaha)

    get here early so we can shoot!


    1. Ah you should use it though! I wouldn't want to take it from you!

      Can't wait to see yall purdy ladies!

  5. i like your new happy-christie photo header

  6. next time you're in dallas you should bring some rolls w/ you. there's still a few labs around town that develop 120.

    oohhh and i love the yard photo. so much awesome contrast!

  7. Wow..I'm glad you had a holga take this shot. It looks like a photo on would find in their great aunt's cedar chest :-) I miss you all. This was a fun night. Oh and I'm glad you're blogging. I get to see you everyday-ish. Looking forward to more posts!